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I'm Heather, owner and maker behind all jewelry from Studio326. As a new mama on maternity leave during covid, I found myself needing something to keep my hands busy. After creating a few items for myself, family and friends, I thought I would share my creations with you. 


As a dog mama, I was always searching for something to share that I was a proud owner of a goofy great dane. Now that I am a new mom to baby Eli, I was on the search for his initial, name, anything that represented me being a mama to the sweetest babe. So I thought, I can make one for myself! 


I got the "I can make this myself" attitude from my crafty mama who can literally do it all. That attitude has got me in trouble a few times. The half completed projects in my messy craft room and on my kitchen table can agree! 


At Studio326, we create pieces as unique, beautiful, and special as your story. Though our jewelry is dainty and simple, each piece embodies what is meaningful to you and what connects you to your most precious people and memories. 


All our hand stamped jewelry is 14k gold or rose gold filled and is individually hand stamped by me. There are no machines involved and everything is freehand so each piece is completely unique, custom and sometimes perfectly imperfect. 

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